About Carpuccino


Originally from Chicago, I arrived in the UK over twenty years ago and have adopted it as my home ever since. Having always been passionate about delicious coffee and great service, I was delighted to have a Carpuccino coffee last year at a rugby festival in which my son was participating. Tom had a much deserved, indulgent hot chocolate at the end of a wet, chilly day; I had a delicious cup of coffee and a chat with Heather, the founder of Carpuccino, and thought Carpuccino was a brilliant idea. When Heather decided to sell Carpuccino at the end of 2011, I did not hesitate to take over the reins of the company. I am pleased to announce that as of January 7, 2012, I am now the proud, new owner of Carpuccino!

Carpuccino is all about quality. From the coffee beans we select and the equipment we use, we want every cup to bring delicious satisfaction and a smile to our customers. Making a cup of coffee is not quite as simple as it looks! The quality of one cup of coffee depends upon the altitude at which the bean grows, how it is harvested and roasted, how it is blended and ground, and specifically how it is extracted. Pass water too slowly through ground coffee and you end up with a burnt taste – too quickly and it becomes acidic. By being selective and attentive to detail, we guarantee you a high quality tasting experience!

Carpuccino is based in Marlborough, Wiltshire and is currently looking for local businesses who would appreciate a delicious cup of coffee during the week. In addition, we are available for outdoor events throughout the South West. If you would be interested in having superb coffee at you event or office, CLICK HERE to send me an email and I will get in touch with you straight away!

A few of the many events where we have recently provided a great caffeine hit have included

Tewkesbury Half Marathon, Glos
South Downs Marathaon, Hants
Cotswold Midnight Walk for Breast Cancer, Glos
Northmoor Trust Children's Food Festival, Oxon
Dare 2 Festival, Dorset
Lafrowda  Festival, Cornwall
Marvellous Festival, Berks
Bournemouth Vintage Fayre, Dorset
Wessex Charity Bike Ride, Bath
Blue Cross Annual Horse Show, Glos
Bournemouth Vintage Fayre, Dorset
Marlborough Carnival, Wilts
Cheltenham 10K, Glos
Salisbury Mini Rugby Festival, Wilts
Foxcote Team Chase, Glos
Hell Down South, Hants

How it all started

Heather Thompson got the idea to set up Carpuccino after a visit to New Zealand in 2008 where she immersed herself in the country's wonderful café culture. Her idea, to create a mobile coffee company which would deliver high quality and freshly ground coffee, was born.

She decided that Carpuccino was exactly what was needed in the UK – for companies located on business parks with limited facilities, and also for outdoor events where it can be impossible to get a delicious cup of coffee. Her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence have made her a popular fixture at many events over the last three years and the Carpuccino van, affectionately called Harvey, is a well-known site in the South West.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Rebecca Sheinman