Our Coffee Beans

We source our coffee from 'Easy José Coffee', a local speciality coffee company run by former South West and Wales Barista Champion, José Melim.

Easy José Coffee choose seasonal single estate coffees that are blended and freshly roasted for us. José is personally responsible for the creation of each of our espresso blends, which goes through rigorous taste profiling to ensure an extra special cup of coffee.

Our premium arabica coffee is traceable to mountain farms, estates and co-operatives and is selectively sourced and directly traded to ensure the highest quality product. Sourcing directly from the growers ensures that premium prices are paid, so putting more back into the system.

The coffee we use is strictly high grown which means the coffee is high quality, low in acidity and has naturally low caffeine content.

The growing topography also ensures low mechanisation of the source farms – the coffee is handpicked, weeds are cleared manually and natural, organic fertilizers such as coffee cherries are used on the land, ensuring many of the farms we source from are naturally organic.

If you're interested to know more about our fantastic seasonal blends and the process our coffee goes through to get to your cup, please do come and chat with Rebecca!